Steel Grits

Established back in 1977, Taiwanabrator is the most sought- after steel abrasive manufacturer and supplier. Situated in Taiwan, we are affiliated with Japan Sintokogio Ltd which has assisted us with the advanced technology we utilize in our manufacturing procedures. While we supply metal abrasive media throughout Taiwan, we also export among the wide range of steel abrasive products we specialize in manufacturing, steel grits are one of them.

The Manufacturing Process

Steel grits are made by crushing steel shots to angular particles which are subsequently tempered to various hardness catering to different applications, screened by size according to SAE standard specifications.  We also provide various hardness range as specified by customer’s requirements.

Salient Features of Steel Grits Manufactured by Taiwanabrator

Softer than aluminum oxide, steel grits have a high rigidity and do not fracture easily. This characteristic of steel grits makes them ideal for aircraft and aerospace applications. Because of their angular nature, steel grits can also be used effectively to create a perfectly etched surface on metal, in preparation for the adhesion of paint, enamel, epoxy, rubber and other types of coating.

Taiwanabrator offers various chemistries of steel grits to meet your specific requirements.

– Sufficient high limit of durability

– High resilience

– Manufactured in accordance with the prevailing international quality standards

– Versatile

– Dimensionally accurate

The advanced technology and the state-of-the-art equipment we incorporate combined with our in-house experienced professional engineers, technicians and quality controllers, have enabled us to manufacture high quality steel grits that provide immediate and effective solutions for all our customers’ requirements.


Steal shots can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes. In addition, they can also be used for;

– Flashing Removal

– Pipe Coating

– Bridge Blasting

– Epoxy Coating Preparation

– Rail Car Reconditioning

– Ship Building

– Rust Removal

– Aggressive Cleaning

– Forgings

– Non Ferrous Castings

– Plate Preparation

– Scale Removal

– Surface Preparation

Application Devices

 Steel grits are mostly used with the following equipment

– Rotary barrel shot blasting machines

– Cartype shot blasting machines

– Table type shot blasting machines

– Rubber pedrail type shot blasting machine

– Hook &pendent-chain & step-by-step shot blasting machines

– Roller path type shot blasting machines

– Steel tube inside and outside shot blasting machine

– Steel plate pretreatment production line

– Plank spring ,round spring,crank shaft,connecting rod shot peening machine

– Engineer machinery

– Motorcycle industry’s shot blasting machines

– Whole vehicle shot blasting machines

– Chain turntable type shot blasting machines

– Net strip type shot blasting machines

– Tray round shot blasting machines

– Porcelain tile shot blasting machines

Industrial Users

– Automobile Industries

– Motorcycle Industry

– Foundries

– Ship Builders

– Oil and Gas Pipe Line

– Heat Treatment Shops

– Paints Contractors

– Railway Wagon & Defense

Steel Grit Types Manufactured by Taiwanabrator

GP – This steel grit type is of an angular shape when new, but rounds off after use. It is ideal to be used for descaling applications.

GL – This steel grit type, although is harder than GP, also rounds off during use in processes such as shot blasting. This is ideal to be used for descaling and surface preparation applications.

GH – This type of steel grits possesses maximum hardness, hence remain angular in its operating mix. They can be effectively used for surface treatment processes.

Product Characteristic
  • G-16

  • G-18

  • G-25

  • G-40

  • G-50

  • G-80

  • G-120

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If you are looking for manufacturers, suppliers or exporters of steel shots, steel grits and granite grits, who are popular among both domestic and overseas customers, Taiwanabrator is who you are looking for. We guarantee high performance steel shots, steel grits and granite grits customized to meet the specifications of your needs. Get in touch with us today and let us know your concerns and we would be more than happy to help.

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