Posted by:tbshot on 2017-08-26

Over the past four decades we have operated as a manufacturer of steel abrasive media in Taiwan,


We have recognized the significant impact our industry have on the environment (air, water, soil), and we have realized our responsibility to make sure to take the necessary steps in reducing, and altogether eliminating, any adverse effect we may implicate.


We comply with the air pollution control law


Taiwanabrator Co. Ltd in accordance with air pollution control law, has taken the necessary measures to reduce the emission of harmful matter in our manufacturing processes( our four machinery equipment are in compliance with the air pollution control law). Our certification of air pollution control is approved by Taoyuan County Government and certification is well managed. Our certification extension approval is well received in every 5 years based on our high restricted internal control on air pollution and environmental protection.

Also, Taiwanabrator Co. Ltd., without failure, provides full test reports on machinery equipment which may have air emission, in order to control the air pollution in compliance with law regulations. HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) are all under the standards or undetected.

With the increasing environmental regulations, we have taken further necessary steps to develop new technical solutions to reduce pollution, and we will continue to work on it in the future as well. Presently, necessary equipment has been installed at our factory with regard to air filtration, which assist in reducing the emission of harmful gases. These equipment also help with creating a healthy environment to our employees who work in the factory. The health of our employees is as important to us as the environment itself.


40 Years of Environmental friendly policy


Taiwanabrator has operated in the steel abrasive media manufacturing and supplying industry over four decades. Since the very start of our factory in 1977, we have never failed to take the necessary steps to minimize and altogether eliminate any negative impact we may cause on the environment(air, water, soil). While we have installed the necessary equipment to reduce and filter the toxic gas generated in the manufacturing processes, we have received the official certification of air pollution control with our compliance of air pollution control law. And we are proud to declare that as of now, we have been able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.