Posted by:tbshot on 2017-08-26

In compliance with our environmental policy,

in the manufacturing process of steel abrasive media,

Taiwanabrator makes sure water is used in a responsible way.

While it takes tons of water to cool down the steel shots for sieving in the process of atomizing steel shots,

we make sure to recycle 100% of our water usage in every single station, hence conserving water.


Our Water Recycling Process


We use a 160K gallons (5000 ton) sedimentation tank in the water recycling process; with its assistance, water will be reused after it is subjected to recycling and percolating. In addition, we use four huge water coolers which provide reusable water for the manufacturing of steel shots in our factory. And this procedure has enabled us to preserve the environment and conserve water rather efficiently.

The use of recycled industrial waste water has not only helped us conserve water, which is increasingly becoming a scarce and expensive commodity, but it has also helped us increase our profit. Recycling and reusing water thus improves the efficiency and reduces the demand as well as the cost.


Our Effort to Conserve Water


As the manufacturing process of steel abrasive media require a large amount of water, we take it very seriously not to cause pollution with waste water and its recycling conserving it as much as we can. The toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the receiving water bodies, generated in the manufacturing process are treated and recycled properly in our stations so as to prevent any adverse effect it would have caused otherwise.

As we recognize the importance of water in the manufacturing of steel abrasive, we also do realize the importance of water to the society, therefore we actively make an effort to preserve water through our water treatment program.

Water has become a scarce commodity with dwindling fresh water resources globally, and it is our responsibility to make sure the management of water in our manufacturing processes is done properly and to constantly evaluate how to best use water, both by conserving and finding new ways to reuse.


An Environmental Friendly Legacy


As the leading manufacturer and supplier of steel abrasive media in Taiwan, Taiwanabrator leads a legacy of preserving the environment and giving back to society. Since the very establishment of our factory, we have taken the necessary steps to incorporate environmental friendly mechanisms. To this day, we have taken extra measures to make sure that our legacy is continued.

In the future we will further our efforts to conserve water and eliminate any negative impact our manufacturing process may cause on the environment by considerably reducing our water consumption.