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Taiwanabrator is a quality-driven organization.

Since the establishment of Taiwanabrator in the summer of 1977,

We have thrived tirelessly to keep our promise to our customers that our products are environmental friendly, safe and are of the highest standards. While we strive to manufacture products that meet and surpasses the standards of the industry, we consider it the policy of Taiwanabrator to deliver on schedule, reliable steel abrasive products that meet our customer specifications.

The Team at Taiwanabrator


The reputation we enjoy as the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality steel abrasive products, is the result of the commitment, dedication and the talent of our team. Our team of extremely skilled quality controllers constantly monitor and supervise every stage of the production process, from the very beginning of the acquisition of raw material to the very end of delivery of the end product to the customers.

While our material engineers and technicians use their experience and knowledge to increase the reliability of our products by maintaining their consistent quality, we have independent analytical laboratories to further test and ensure the quality of our products, before they are delivered to our valued customers.


Leadership and Personal Responsibility

Each member of our team is responsible for the success we enjoy today in the market. While we treat everyone in the staff with equal respect, they return it with a sense of personal responsibility to build the company. Hence, each individual commit themselves to assure the quality of the products we manufacture and supply.




While we already provide the steel abrasive products of the highest standards in the industry, we haven’t stopped investing our efforts to innovate more efficient solutions for our customers. We constantly engage in using our scientific knowledge and experience to creating innovative products that will provide more effective solutions for our customers in the future.


The Parameters of Quality Assurance


Our steel shots, steel grits and granite grits are screened on the basis of the following standards;

– Micro-structure
– Durability
– Chemical and physical properties
– Density
– Hardness

Taiwanabrator follows the strict manufacturing guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 11124-3, and SAE J827, J444, J1993, since 1997.


Customization of Steel Abrasive Products Manufactured and Delivered



Taiwanabrator is a very versatile company committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

As the client centric organization we have dedicated ourselves to become and remained throughout 40 years of service, we never fail to meet the specifications of our customers. While we manufacture our products according to the industry standards, we make sure they meet the specific requirements of our customers, hence ensuring the production and supply of high quality and effective products applicable for all purposes.

While we continuously strive to provide steel abrasive products that meet the specifications of our customers, we also make sure to deliver them in a timely manner so as to not delay the completion of the projects of our valued customers. We also offer highly competitive prices in the market.



Trustworthy Manufacturer and Supplier of Steel Abrasive Products


Over the four decades we have operated in the industry, we have been able to gather extensive experience in the manufacture and the supply of steel abrasive media for both domestic and overseas clients. While we use the latest technology that is transferred from the world-renowned Japan Sintokogio, Ltd, we incorporate state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the quality of our products.

Why choose Taiwanabrator as your supplier of steel abrasives
– Competitive prices compared to other manufacturers and suppliers
– Quality steel abrasive products that meet the international standards
– Extensive expertise and experience gained over 40 years of service in the industry
– Customization of products according to the specific requirements of clients
– Recognition as the leading supplier and manufacturer of steel abrasive products in Asia
– Timely delivery and free sampling