Posted by:tbshot on 2017-08-27



Q1.  How quick can I receive my confirmed order ?
ANS : Taiwanabrator is a part of the Sintokogio Group. We have access into our global distribution network in most major continents. Depending on your requirements, orders under 500 tons is usually ready within a week. Larger orders (1000+ tons) or tailor made orders would require about 3 weeks for productions. Freight time and customs duration will vary from country to country.
Q2.  How consistent are Taiwanabrator's quality.
ANS : Taiwanabrator has been manufacturing quality steel shots and grits for the past  4 decades.  The quality of our products are undisputed among the customers we have served.  Taiwanabator follow the strict manufacturing guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 11124-3 since 1997.  We take quality control as first priority and are proud in providing highest uniformity of steel abrasive products Made in Taiwan.
Q3.  What standard are you carrying out for your products ?
ANS : Our products are in accordance with SAE J-827, J-444 and all SAE requirements for chemical composition and physical characteristics for high-carbon cast steel shots.  All our productions are well monitored, documented, and batch stamped.  Test Reports and Authorized Product Certificates are available upon request.
Q4.  Which sizes or package option are available ?
ANS : We currently have three standard type of package types: Paper Bag (25kg), Metal Drum (900kg), Nylon bulk bag (1 ton).  If you have special requirements, please contact one of our friendly representatives.
Q5.  What has Taiwanabrator done to keep the environment green ?
ANS : We have devoted ourselves to provide environmental friendly solutions to our customers while taking actions to eliminate any negative impacts our manufacturing process may have on the environment. We use recycled steel scrap for manufacturing process, we reduced usage of energy in productions, and we use recyclable packaging materials whenever possible leaving the smallest carbon foot print.

In 2015, Taiwanabrator received a merit for reducing our electric energy consumption by 73% for replacing our high-bay mercury lamps & installing large windows allowing natural lights.