Posted by:tbshot on 2017-08-26

Over the past four decades (since 1977) Taiwanabrator has operated as the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of world class steel abrasive media from Taiwan, we have devoted ourselves to provide environmental friendly solutions to our customers while taking actions to eliminate any negative impact our manufacturing process may have on the environment.

Our commitment to preserve the environment and give back to the society starts with;
– the use of entirely recycled steel scrap in the manufacturing process
– the minimized usage of consumables
– the reduced usage of energy in production
– the use of recyclable packaging material

The team at Taiwanabrator constantly plan and monitor the environmental performance and environmental impact from the initial stages of the manufacturing process to the very end of the packaging and the delivery process.


Compliance with regulations


As a manufacturer and supplier of steel abrasive products, we understand the environmental impacts instigated through our procedures. Therefore, as responsible manufacturers, we vigorously take action to minimize and altogether eliminate any negative impact or any pollution we might cause on the environment.


Actions taken to reduce impact

We maintain our sites and operate our machinery and production facilities in compliance with regulations. We have integrated a comprehensive environmental policy in all our management and production processes. In addition, all our staff members working on the site are thoroughly educated and informed on the responsibility of preserving the environment and promoting economically viable clean technologies.

Taiwanabrator takes great pride in ensuring our environment impacts are reduced to the lowest.In accordance with our environmental policy, we take actions to reduce air remission, water discharge and reduce any noises. We also take action to ensure that all our waste are recycled as much as possible.

Specific processing measures are taken from water treatment, air filter cleaning, and using recyclable packaging materials.Recently we have replaced our mercury lamps with metal halide lamps & installed electrical clear panels for natural lights which save 73% on electrical lighting energy.


Support provided to our customers


While we take persistent action to reduce our carbon footprint, we do not fall short of providing support to our customers on using our products in environmental friendly ways. We always provide them with effective as well as eco-friendly and economical solutions for all their requirements.


Health and Safety of our Employees


While we strive to provide the best steel abrasive products of the highest standards to our valued customers, we also give equal priority to enhance the safety and health of our own employees. As we dedicate ourselves to make sure that we preserve the environment, we also make sure that we create a healthy and safe work environment for our employees too.

We constantly monitor and measure our energy consumption, emission and our overall environmental impact. We will continue to look for innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact and reuse and recycle materials incorporated in the manufacturing process, to both enhance our performance and reduce pollution.