Posted by:tbshot on 2017-08-26

Steel abrasive manufacturing industry consumes high amounts of environmental resources such as water and electricity.


For over 40 years of time, Taiwanabrator, as the leading manufacturer of steel shots, steel grits and granite grits, has experienced this trend first hand. While we realize the impact our manufacturing process inflict on the environment, we have not failed to take the necessary steps to reduce these adverse effects to the best of our ability.


We take our social responsibilities very serious


As the only manufacturer of high quality steel shots and steel grits in Taiwan, Taiwanabrator Co. Ltd. takes its responsibility to deduce the consumption of electricity (especially since the energy consumption is very high in the abrasive industry) very seriously. By taking the necessary steps, we intend to conserve the scarce natural energy resources and protect the environment.

According to the recommendation from the bureau of energy, Ministry of Economic Affair, Taiwan, 1% of total electricity deduction is needed every year from 2015 to 2019. As a manufacturer of steel abrasive products, which has operated nearly for 40 years, we take this matter very seriously. And with the growth of our company over these years, we have been able to contribute back to the society abundantly at every turn; especially by doing our part in protecting the environment and minimizing our carbon foot print.


Being efficient while preserving the environment is our corporate goal


The energy consumption of Taiwanabrator Co. Ltd has been rather high. According to the recommendations and consulting from Industrial Technology Research Institute, our total energy saving is higher than 1% and by further improving our facilities we will be able to increase this percentage. This does not only help with our energy reductions and our efforts towards protecting the environment and along with controlling the consumption of natural resources, but it also helps us by saving our energy costs; for example we recycle and reuse water in our manufacturing processes, and this has made a significant impact on both conserving water (which is a scarce and expensive commodity) and the amount of money we spend on it.

We give back to the environment by not only manufacturing and supplying the steel abrasive products of the highest quality, but also by making sure that we do not cause any harmful impact on the environment or the natural resources we utilize.